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Welcome to the new blogspot for The Boutique Angels Charity. Feel free to comment on anything related to the Angels charity auctions on ebay OR a personal story about the special Angels in your life. Boutique Angels Members are free to post current Boutique Angels Charity auctions. The auctions must be for our sanctioned auctions thru Mission Fish only.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get 'em while you can!!!!

Later Gator! After 'while crocodile! Understand rubber band? Yes, I do tennis shoe!
Oops, sorry...I'm at it again...these clever titles get me in the best of moods!
This One of A Kind from
key*west*kids, bayoubabe5 and pbandj*creations
is a 3 piece set---get it for him now!!!

ADVERTISE FOR ONE FULL YEAR on a high traffic website!!!
Yep! You heard us right!
That is what Danna has to offer the winning it you????

"Dottie Dalmation"....isn't that just the cutest title? It fits perfectly with these cute pair of bows!!!! When it comes to your little girl, this bowmommaof3 has got her pony tails covered!!!

Another listing from
Tictagtogs...this cheery template boasts
"No HTML knowledge needed"...
Wow! Forget that it's beautiful---get it if only for that reason alone, ha ha!!!
Beautiful colors!!!

Have you seen this?
This three strand coiled bracelet by the very talented duo that is
is absolutely gorgeous!
AND, it can be yours if you're the highest bidder!!!

Any giraffe lovers out there???
This One of A Kind 3 piece set from
mimi*kattini is almost gone!!!!!
Will they be coming home with you???


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