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Welcome to the new blogspot for The Boutique Angels Charity. Feel free to comment on anything related to the Angels charity auctions on ebay OR a personal story about the special Angels in your life. Boutique Angels Members are free to post current Boutique Angels Charity auctions. The auctions must be for our sanctioned auctions thru Mission Fish only.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Only 3 more listings and 3 days until the last one is gone!!!!

This Poetry collaboration from the girls of primroses* boutique is just gorgeous!
Have I mentioned that is is a MEGA set consisting of 14 pieces!
Ummm...excuse me, but with all that mix and matching...can you imagine the possibilities??
I think your little one will be set with this one!!!
Make sure you bid on it today!!!!!

Zebra punk is a beautiful and trendy bracelet at a generous size of 9" or it can be worn as an ankle bracelet with that boho skirt you have hanging in the closet!!! This beauty by *art2wear* is totally Art to Wear!!!!!

Anchors Away!!! This one by mimi*kattini is almost gone! Catch it before it sails away!


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