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Welcome to the new blogspot for The Boutique Angels Charity. Feel free to comment on anything related to the Angels charity auctions on ebay OR a personal story about the special Angels in your life. Boutique Angels Members are free to post current Boutique Angels Charity auctions. The auctions must be for our sanctioned auctions thru Mission Fish only.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


A group of nearly 500 children's clothing & accessory designers from the United States, Canada and Europe join to list auctions on eBay that will raise money for Autism Society of America, from March 12 – March 18, 2007. --March 12, 2007 --

Nearly 500 eBay boutique designers, known as the "Boutique Angels", have joined together to list auctions that will raise money for various children's charities. Always wanting to help children, the "Boutique Angels" will soon be listing many auctions to support The Autism Society of America, an organization who strives to educate Autistic people of all ages. Auctions will be listed throughout the week of March 12 through March 18, 2007.

Some of the items up for bid include:
• Unique Custom Designed Boutique Children’s Clothing.
• Hand Painted Shoes, Matching Hair Accessories, Custom Jewelry
• Unique Handbags and other accessories for Moms
• Original Painted Room Decor and Personalized Items.

The "Boutique Angels" are a diverse group of independent designers who specialize in creating handcrafted apparel, accessories, room decor, and more. Many of the designers list auctions on eBay, in addition to websites and retail sites. The Boutique Angels formed in October 2004 and now has around 500 members dedicated to supporting the lives of others through the sales of their uniquely handmade items. By conducting periodic charity auctions, the group expects to continue making significant donations to various children's charities.The charity auctions will be listed through eBay Giving Works, a program dedicated to charitable listings on eBay.100% of all auction proceeds are donated to charity. Listings benefitting Autism Society of America can be found between March 12 and March 18 by going to and searching for "Boutique Angels Charity".