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Welcome to the new blogspot for The Boutique Angels Charity. Feel free to comment on anything related to the Angels charity auctions on ebay OR a personal story about the special Angels in your life. Boutique Angels Members are free to post current Boutique Angels Charity auctions. The auctions must be for our sanctioned auctions thru Mission Fish only.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Our last listing ended yesterday...and our ending total being donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters is:

$1,946.77 that's an AWESOME amount!!!!! Again, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of you ladies for being so generous in giving of your time and talents to help raise this WONDERFUL ending total!!! MUCH success to all of you always!!!!!

Hope you are having a SPECTACULAR Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Only 3 more listings and 3 days until the last one is gone!!!!

This Poetry collaboration from the girls of primroses* boutique is just gorgeous!
Have I mentioned that is is a MEGA set consisting of 14 pieces!
Ummm...excuse me, but with all that mix and matching...can you imagine the possibilities??
I think your little one will be set with this one!!!
Make sure you bid on it today!!!!!

Zebra punk is a beautiful and trendy bracelet at a generous size of 9" or it can be worn as an ankle bracelet with that boho skirt you have hanging in the closet!!! This beauty by *art2wear* is totally Art to Wear!!!!!

Anchors Away!!! This one by mimi*kattini is almost gone! Catch it before it sails away!

Monday, May 19, 2008

If you haven't seen this 8 piece collaboration by the Boutique POP!kids,
you need to...right now...GO... click here
and see it!!!This Cherry Limeade collection will take you right through
summer with so many mix and match
pieces in just the right colors---multiple shades of pink, lime green and yellow!
Grab yourself a pretty glass and pour yourself some of this!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

'Round the corner...

"Take me out the to the ball game" is such a cute set by pink*polkadot*boutique! Let her show her patriotism in this OOAK 3 piece set!!!

These "Flower Power" overalls are perfect for summer!!! Created by kaytes*kloset, your little one is sure to love them!!!

Super cute! Super comfy! Super classic! Every little girl needs a dress like this one by doodlebugzmom!!! RUN...don't stop until you've placed your bid!!

Ladybugs here, ladybugs there, ladybugs everywhere! Ladybugs are "it" this summer, so get in on the trend with this amazing 8 piece collaboration by the ladies of Willow Grove Couture. Bid now on this set by shawnmu97, welabowtique, just*a*blingin, gem*s_boutique, sew-busy-boutique, foxyblueboutique and boutiquesheshebaby!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Today's must haves...

Whoop! Whoop!
"Hoop it Up" in this muscle shirt and board shorts set from hollysmama!
Basketball anyone????

I'm suddenly envisioning Poppy Fields...
Hollysmama breathes life into these beautiful rich red flowers with her OOAK 7 piece set!
Take the bunch home with you today!!!!

Oh My! These bows are perfectly titled, "Fresh Summer Flowers" can almost smell them! Choose sweetie*dumplings for your little sweetie!!!!

Puppykissdesigns has this cute little tee available!
"Aloha Kitty" is so cute and summery...make sure you bid today!!!!

"Sweet Cherries" is what she'll be wishing for in this 4 piece collaboration from little*red*wagon, ella*monde, creme*de*la*gems and doodlesbowtique! Just look at that color combination!!!
Very Nice ladies!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get 'em while you can!!!!

Later Gator! After 'while crocodile! Understand rubber band? Yes, I do tennis shoe!
Oops, sorry...I'm at it again...these clever titles get me in the best of moods!
This One of A Kind from
key*west*kids, bayoubabe5 and pbandj*creations
is a 3 piece set---get it for him now!!!

ADVERTISE FOR ONE FULL YEAR on a high traffic website!!!
Yep! You heard us right!
That is what Danna has to offer the winning it you????

"Dottie Dalmation"....isn't that just the cutest title? It fits perfectly with these cute pair of bows!!!! When it comes to your little girl, this bowmommaof3 has got her pony tails covered!!!

Another listing from
Tictagtogs...this cheery template boasts
"No HTML knowledge needed"...
Wow! Forget that it's beautiful---get it if only for that reason alone, ha ha!!!
Beautiful colors!!!

Have you seen this?
This three strand coiled bracelet by the very talented duo that is
is absolutely gorgeous!
AND, it can be yours if you're the highest bidder!!!

Any giraffe lovers out there???
This One of A Kind 3 piece set from
mimi*kattini is almost gone!!!!!
Will they be coming home with you???

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ending soon.....

Every little girl needs her own apron...AND, this one is reversible!
Beautifully done in the popular Ginger Blossom fabric, troyx2 knows how to charm!

2 piece set
by stringbean17 is the perfect outfit for those casual days
when she just wants to have fun!!!!
She'll look GREAT no matter what she's doing!!!

Suzyqs**curlyqs has listed this wonderful set of six simply irresistible ribbon covered snap clips in six simply irresistible colors!!!! These are a must have accessory for every little girl!!!! Get them now...because they'll be gone soon!!!!!!

Pbj*boutique wants to dress your little cutie in this "Dainty Daisy" summer dress! With that
lovely shade of purple and those beautiful little can you go wrong???

Oh my...this little set of hair goodies is just way too cute not to bid on! Your little one will LOOOOOVE this! I know I can't stop looking at it!!!
Lilyrosebows knows how to show off your little princess!

Let's boost these bids!!!!!

HURRY, HUrry, hurry...they're almost gone......

Her new best friend, is what you'll find in this too cute jumper! This fabric is quickly becoming a favorite in be one of the firsts to have it in your little one's closet!
This is a OOAK from harpersboutique.

Get your Ginger Blossom fix with this 2 piece set! Using the ever so popular fabric, yazzybabe created this fresh top and triple-ruffled pants. Come know you can't get enough of this one!

Here's a classy little set from bod_a_bling_boutique.
necklace and bracelet set has just the right amount of
bling to balance out the beauty of the pearls.
The perfect accessory for every little princess' wardrobe!

Ladybugs have been widely known to bring good luck...AND, they are just about the cutest little bug there is! Even the most girly of girls won't mind wearing this little bug on her fact, she probably won't want to take it off! This ladybug bracelet by msgoodie2shews is a must have...*gasp* bids yet!

Does your little one like cats? How about Fancy cats? Of course she does! This twirl set by pugsandkisses*boutique was created in the classic color combo of pink, black and white. Make your little one purrrrrrrfectly happy and bid today before it's gone!!!

Sweet, sweet, sweet...this little "Welcomed Guest" onesie dress by troyx2 is so sweet! A vintage pillowcase was used to create this---A-DORABLE! Don't have a little one to buy it for? Save it for a baby shower! No bids get it now!!!

Featured on Dashin' Fashion!

Monday, May 12, 2008

How much have we raised in the first week?

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a marketing adviser at Big Brothers Big Sisters and he explained that every $1,100 raised would ensure that one child would be helped. I am pleased to say that so far we have raised


That is an outstanding number!
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has listed and will be listing!
AND, an EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to all of our supporters who are bidding on our auctions and spreading the word about Boutique Angels!!!!!

Let's see what the second week will bring!!!!

Going, going, gone....

Get your bidding finger's time to do some shopping!!!! These are all ending in less than 24 go ahead----make my day and help Big Brothers and Big Sisters...and get a little something for yourself in return!!!!! (*wink, wink*)

Now...tell me...what little girl doesn't love these cute little kitties??? Make her happy and get her this ever so sweet collaboration from key*west*kids, mimi*n*co, & *pretty*me*designs*. It is just so adorable!!!! AND, get 5 pieces with this get the sweet dress, pinafore, bracelet and two hair clippies...need I say more??

This silly cat is up to his old antics again...poor goldfish--- always knows best!
A favorite among bidders, see it
This cute tee by
wildbydesign is ready to ship in a size 4/5!

Jack & Jill, Little boy blue, Mary & her little lamb
all make an appearance in this
cute little set by creationsbymegboutique.
Call your little one over to see it...she is sure to want it!!

"Take me out to the baaaaalll game, take me out....", Oh excuse caught me singing a little diddy. This "Play Ball" necklace by jewelry artist, pamperingbeki, is the cutest thing and it can be customized with "sparkly" crystals for a little girl if you so wish. Oh, and please don't blame her if you suddenly find you can't take that song out of your head!

"The Journey" is a beautiful necklace that reminds us all of the journeys we have taken in our lives, the many paths we have crossed. See the auction to read the beautiful description the jewelry artist, winnipoo, has given and bid to your heart's content.

Little girls LOVE mermaids...little girls LOVE to wear mermaids.....who is the most well-known mermaid in boutique land?'s not Ariel! It's this cute little mermaid...she has been all over the place in the last year and is in closets EVERYWHERE!!!! I know that somewhere you must have a skirt to match this cute tank top by iwantedtowonder...
so bid now, before she's gone....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday's Finds...

Have you ever thought of giving your little ones a cartoon makeover?
Want to make them giggle?
This artist guarantees a smile on your little ones face
and a
wonderful portrait for you to cherish!
You really need to see this auction by

She'll be ready for a bowl full of strawberries in
this cute little jumpsuit by 1herosmom!
Titled "Strawberry Fields", it features two vintage chenilles!!!
Oh, just go and know you want it!

Look at these beauties by wendysworldart! These are a must have for any little girl! Oh my...AND there is 4 of them! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! The pladiosaurus is coming!!! Get out of the way! Okay, so I 'm just kidding, there is no way that this sweet little dino could scare anyone, but he would make some little dino lover very happy!! This cute appliqued tee is by fancy*pants*customs and is cute, cute, cute!

Feeling a bit Patriotic? Need something for your 4th of July cutie?
Well, look no further...
travelin*light has this adorable Stars and Stripes 2 piece CUSTOM set...
that's right in any size 12 months to 8!

This is so! It's a 2 piece jewelry said called Vintage Cherry by hbd!. AND still at a low have to go and see it!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Here's what we have today...

No bids yet on this springy MAY FLOWERS 2 piece set!
Goodness gracious...did I just say NO BIDS???? Why, YES I did!
AND, I just can't believe it!!!!
This one by *
pamelas*place*boutique*, is just ADORABLE!!!!!

This darling twirl skirt set was a collaboration by my*toot*toot, sugar*buzz, and *mimisgirls*. You will get the top, skirt AND bows!!!!! Just look at that patchwork...*sigh* a lot of recognizable fabrics in this one!!!! So twirly, so girly!!!!!!

Okay, I said there was something for everyone...and there is!
This oh so colorful Palm Springs template by tictactogs, has less than 24 hours to go...can't you just see your items selling at high bids with this template showcasing it????
Of course you can, BUT hurry...there isn't much time left!!!!!!
(It's a template...SO, of course I couldn't get a picture on here, LOL!!!)

See these cute little gauchos?????
That's what you will get, if you are the high bidder in
this auction...and you know what????? They will be a SURPRISE...
you will pick the colors and the rest
is up to the designer, bellabebeco, see the auction for some samples...
you won't be disappointed!!

Have you seen this? It's a custom Letter kid's art by acherishedchild...that YOU get to completely customize!!!! YES, you heard me right--- if YOU are the winner...YOU get to decide what colors, font, theme etc...and then this artist will take care of the rest!!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

What's up for grabs...

Each day I'll be featuring some of our auctions...I'm telling you, there is something for everyone! Here are just a few!

Isn't this nicely done!!! Can't you just see it on your little one...or even your hair for that matter? It's by amys*attic*designs, and at such a low price still...go ahead and bid on it, but do it now before time runs out!

This one is so girly! So...FRESH! It's bymsgoodie2shews...make this necklace yours, NOW!

Wowza! Look at the bids on this one...a collaboration by key*west*kids, pbandj*creations, little*red*wagon and jzeppelin! It's a 4 piece OOAK Mix & Match set in a size 3T/4T.

Here's a vibrant little Butterfly dress by monkey*doodle!
A OOAK in a Size 4t---ready to ship!!!

Look at this cute Tropical Punch set by tictactogs...isn't it just it me or do these colors just scream SUMMER??!! AND, what...I'm that right??? NO BIDS!!! Get over there quick...starts at $24.99!!!

We are making the climb...

It's the fourth day of the launch and we have over 30 auctions up and have raised over $750 so far for Big Brothers Big Sisters! If you haven't checked them out yet, please do so and bid, biD, BID!!!!!!!

Boutique Angels on BlogTalkRadio with Danna Crawford!

In case you missed the show, you can listen to it here!

Clara of mimi*kattini was invited to speak with fellow Boutique Angel member, Danna, the powersellingmom about the Boutique Angels Charity Auctions and Custom Boutique in general on her internet radio show, ! It was a lot of fun! We had two members call in, Pamela from princess*bunny*02 and Beki from pamperingbeki...and they did a great job at cheering the group and the auctions on!!!! We even had a generous caller donate an advertising spot on her website for the rest of the year! A fun time was had by all! We've been told that the show was a HUGE hit! Thanks for listening and thank you for your continued support!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Launch Day!!

Well, it's Monday, May 5th 2008...and for us, that means it's launch day! Our first annual Guest launch is officially underway from now thru May 18th!

You can see our listings here!

Thank you for your support and generosity!!!!